After You’ve Gone

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After You’ve Gone is a new concept and service we offer to devoted pet owners nationally who want the best care for their beloved pet in the way the owner would have wanted if something happens to them, either on an interim or permanent basis, due to incapacitation or death.

Most people will instruct a spouse or loved one on how to care for their pets if something happens to the pet owner, but what if the one left caring for the pets becomes incapacitated or dies? What happens to Fluffy then? Most animals can live up to 15 years.

After You’ve Gone is the answer! We make all arrangements to place your pet in an interim or permanent home. Our facility is situated on seven acres–we have plenty of room here! We will take care of your pet as if you were still here. If your pet needs vet care, we can take care of that. If you said “After I die, I want to make sure Fifi lives in a pink palace and is surrounded by ducks,” we have enough property where, if you have the money, we could build that pink palace. When you plan your will, all you have to do is specify what you want and for us to be contacted by your attorney, and your wishes will be carried out. Please contact us for details on this special service.

We have llamas, miniature horses, dogs, cats, alpacas, bunnies, sheep, goldfish, snakes–you name it! We can provide for all your pets!

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